The Website Process

1. Contact me, and we can set up a time to chat.
I want to hear all about your passion and vision for your new site.

2. I'll create a quote.
Every project is different, and I'm happy to work with you to stay within your budget.

3. Once we agree on a price, you will complete a questionnaire.
It is designed to help me better understand your must-haves, your dislikes and your preferences for the styling of your site.

4. We will have our first official meeting.
We will discuss your questionnaire and review some initial ideas I have about the design of the site.

5. I'll get to work!
I work mainly via email - so I will need you to answer in a timely manner. Oftentimes, I cannot move forward with an aspect of the project without getting clarification or details from a client. My goal is to get your new site up and running as quickly as possible - so it's up to you, to make sure your response times don't slow the process down!

6. We will have our second meeting.
We will review some mood boards and a wireframe of your new site,  I can answer any questions you may have and you can speak into any specifics we have not yet covered (colors, content, etc.).

7. I'll build out the site.
Timeframes for site buildout vary from project to project.

8. We will have our third meeting.
It's time to review the first draft of the new site! You'll have some time to review the site on your own - get feedback from your team and family, and think through any further changes or additions you would like to make. Now this is key: everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is going to have an opinion about your site. This is not the time to completely change the design or start over. Those conversations should be had back at the beginning when we are in the initial brainstorming, "must-have" phase. Of course, we welcome constructive feedback and ideas throughout the entire process - but I have seen several clients get frustrated and overwhelmed by all the opinions that come their way. You need to be confident in your initial vision. You like what you like, and it's your site! So be confident in your choices.

9. I'll revise and update the site.
Once those edits have been made, I'll give you some more time to review and request any other final changes.

10. The final revisions will be made, and we will have our fourth and final meeting.
I'll walk you through the back end of the SquareSpace platform and answer any questions you have about updating the site.

11. Your new site will go live!
I'll take care of connecting your chosen domain and making sure your new site is functioning properly. After that, I'll officially hand over the site to you and it's time to celebrate!

The Print Process

Each project is different. Once you contact me and we discuss your vision, I’ll provide a quote. Simple as that.


Want to get started on your new site? Contact me!